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Crises, 2008. on Flickr – Photo Sharing

Crisis, 2008

Crises, 2008. on Flickr – Photo Sharing.

The dopest free font i’ve seen in ages.

Alte Haas Grotesk

Alte Haas Grotesk Font |

It’s definitely gonna pop up in my next few design pieces. Without a doubt. Nerd stuff I know. Get over it.

The making of the Obama Logo Design

YouTube – Sol Sender – Obama Logo Design Part 1 of 2.

YouTube – Sol Sender – Obama Logo Design Part 2 of 2.

Pretty intersting for us design geeks.

WordPress 2.7…

…is dope as hell. Upgrade now:

Blackbird: A Browser for black folks.

Blackbird provides African Americans with easy access to advanced features and services, greater visibility and access to hard-to-find African-American online content and a platform for sharing their entire internet experience on the web.

I think this is REALLY stupid. It’s not even offensive to me. It’s just a DUMB idea. Why the hell would anyone want their web browser to force them into a race based information box? Being able to effortlessly browse unfiltered information is what makes the internet – THE INTERNET. I don’t understand how the BET of browsers could do any good for anyone (except for maybe a few advertisers who will have a field day with this type of thing). Luckily its on only available for Windows because i’m not going to get into how bad it looks (YUCK!). I hate that I have to link to this crap but if you want to find out more go here.