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It’s Always S(F)unny in Philadelphia

I freaking love this show! I can watch it any day, any time, any episode. I watched the entire first 3 seasons on Hulu in a few weeks last year. Anyways, it’s returning this September with all new episodes. Looking forward to it…

Racism in Transformers. Surprised? Not if you saw the first one…

Racist Transformers. Surprised? Not if you saw the first one.

I haven’t even seen the second one but I definitely found it a little odd that in the first one, the ‘Black’ Transformer (who’s name i’m forgetting — another issue) died for the cause and no one really gave a crap. Bumble Bee got injured and the whole world stopped. In this new one the two ‘Black’ transformers seem illiterate and one of them has a gold tooth. Stuff like this is pretty hilarious to me. It’s not worth all of the fuss most of the time. I think idiotic stuff like this makes Michael Bay look far more stupid than it does us Black folks. Anyways, since they apparently upped the ante in the second one the guys who produced the characters can’t and don’t deny that it’s a little racially insensitive — good thing it wasn’t their idea…

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R.I.P. M.J.

Nothing else needs to really be said.


Caught this in ColorOfChange.org. Please support.

Dear Friends,

President Obama is trying to reform our broken health care system, which has left more than 45 million Americans uninsured[1] and millions more with insurance that won’t provide the treatment they need.[2]

Some in Congress are with Obama. But the insurance industry, with help from Republicans[3] and so-called centrist Democrats,[4] is leading the charge to kill a key part of his plan — a government-run insurance plan that would increase the number of Americans covered, called the “public option.” Industry groups are spending millions — $35 million in lobbying costs alone[5] — to convince people that they won’t be able to choose their doctor, that government will be making their medical decisions, that they’d be forced to take the government’s plan, and that the plan is part of some socialist plot — all lies. In reality, the insurance industry is trying to protect its enormous profits on the backs of everyday people.

For Black folks, the stakes couldn’t be higher: we are twice as likely as Whites to be uninsured, we have more than double the rate of infant mortality, we face more than twice the rate of diabetes-related deaths than Whites — and the list goes on.[6]

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly

Didn’t realease that these actually exist(ed). Found it at this weekend’s B-More record convention.

I Absolutely love this site. MORE NEW MATH.


It’s simple, straight to the point, and after a while it starts to tell you about your self or other people. But mostly it’s just pretty damn hilarious.