New DC Comics Logo

DC Comics Logo 2012The new DC comics logo is kind of dope to me. lots of people are calling it bland but I think I does everything that it needs to do. The page turn in the ‘D’ is really clever and begs to be animated. It’s also kind of like a peeled sticker, which is something you usually see on the plastic wrap of a comic book. My one nit-picky gripe would be how the two ends of the ‘C’ are paralleled — makes the font look like Avant Garde. Kind of wish they were both angled towards the center of the ‘C’ circle like how the ‘C’ in the logotype is designed. Oh, and using a font with the same name as Batman’s city could very easily come across as corny. Luckily Gotham is a really nice font. Anyways, I’m sure this logo is already receiving tons of hate as most new logos do. I wonder who designed it…?

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