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New DC Comics Logo

DC Comics Logo 2012The new DC comics logo is kind of dope to me. lots of people are calling it bland but I think I does everything that it needs to do. The page turn in the ‘D’ is really clever and begs to be animated. It’s also kind of like a peeled sticker, which is something you usually see on the plastic wrap of a comic book. My one nit-picky gripe would be how the two ends of the ‘C’ are paralleled — makes the font look like Avant Garde. Kind of wish they were both angled towards the center of the ‘C’ circle like how the ‘C’ in the logotype is designed. Oh, and using a font with the same name as Batman’s city could very easily come across as corny. Luckily Gotham is a really nice font. Anyways, I’m sure this logo is already receiving tons of hate as most new logos do. I wonder who designed it…?


(Yes, that’s me making a cameo appearance, lol)

So my good friend @khoi has been working on this iPad app for quite a while now. I’m super excited to see it finally hitting the streets. It’s a surprisingly simple app that I think I’ll totally get addicted to, lol. Essentially, it does what Instagram does for photography — makes the art of making art something that anyone can do. Khoi does a much better job explaining it here .

Shouts to Director, Adam Lisagor and everyone else who helped out with the commercial — good times.

Also, i’m new to #teamiPad and so far i’m loving it. I was reluctant to get one at first, but i’m completely sold now. Might have to do another post about that…

Gangsta Lean

I always wondered how MJ pulled this off. View the full patent here. (via Jus)

Build Your Own Wicked WordPress themes.

A few months ago I was asked to contribute a couple of chapters to this awesome book about developing themes for WordPress. Well after a month of writing and revising like a mad man, the book was finally finished and released yesterday. It’s definitely a great read that will help all types of users understand the thinking behind WP theme development and how to develop your own themes.

Get your copy today!


Top WordPress theme designers earn a passive income of $10–25K per month! Read our new book and you too can grab a slice of that cake!

Plus, you’ll learn to quickly build dynamic, robust sites that are easy to update for your clients—all at a fraction of the cost of an enterprise CMS.

We’ll simplify your life as a developer by introducing you to the Thematic framework, so that building solid themes is a breeze! You’ll also learn how to maximize profits by effectively marketing and selling your themes on the Web’s biggest marketplaces.

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Learn to:

  • Use design elements effectively to create amazing themes
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  • Create color variants and custom widgets
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What a useful meme. Especially for me. I struggle with that question almost every day. (I just replace “MAKE,” with “BUY” or “ORDER” :-| )

Here’s my one narcissistic post for the year.

If you ever wanted to learn something about yourself, you can go to the Urban Dictionary and they’ve pretty much got you all figured out. All you have to do is search for you name and WAH-LA — instant self indulgence.

Here’s what I learned about myself on Urban Dictionary:

  1. Allan — A guy who is always charming people to get out of trouble. Usually very flirtatious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. Very good-looking and quick witted.

    That guy is such an Allan, he got away with stealing car and got a date with three hot reporters outside the court.

2 things I hate about restaraunt websites

A) PDF Menus Suck

PLEASE stop converting your gigantic, over-designed, in-accessible menus into gigantic, over designed, in-accessible PDFs. Who wants to download all of that when you’re hungry and on the run? It really isn’t cheaper to link to a PDF, when you consider bandwidth. A simple Term Definition list would save tons of bandwidth AND its much more accessible with mobile devices(er, most non iPhone people).

B) Food > Flash

  1. PLEASE fire your Flash guy. He sucks. I have nothing against Flash but a restaurant is just a restaurant.
  2. Nix your site intros. Hunger doesn’t care about faux-3D animations, and background music. We want to know whats on the menu and in some cases what it looks like as quickly as possible.
  3. Mobile Phones hate Flash. If we can’t see your site on our phones, you’re probably losing out on some new business.

Another interesting site! | Information Is Beautiful

I could look at stuff like this ALL DAY.

Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects – visualized!.

iPhone Document Scanner.

iPhone Document Scanner. FTW!

The dopest free font i’ve seen in ages.

Alte Haas Grotesk

Alte Haas Grotesk Font |

It’s definitely gonna pop up in my next few design pieces. Without a doubt. Nerd stuff I know. Get over it.