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A public health care option should include EVERYONE.

Dear friends,

The Senate is closing in on a health care bill with a public health insurance option, a key ingredient of meaningful health care reform.

But conservatives and insurance companies are fighting hard against the public option, so Senate leadership has compromised by including an “opt-out” clause, which would allow individual states to choose not to participate in the program.[1]

There’s a real danger here. In the stimulus fight, we saw Republican governors and legislators refuse federal dollars for political gain. The same thing could happen with health care reform, with everday people in states like Lousiana, Alabama, and South Carolina — states with large Black, poor, and working-class populations — left out.[2]

That’s why I’ve joined ColorOfChange.org’s campaign calling on Congress and the White House to make the public option available everywhere. Please join me:



Caught this in ColorOfChange.org. Please support.

Dear Friends,

President Obama is trying to reform our broken health care system, which has left more than 45 million Americans uninsured[1] and millions more with insurance that won’t provide the treatment they need.[2]

Some in Congress are with Obama. But the insurance industry, with help from Republicans[3] and so-called centrist Democrats,[4] is leading the charge to kill a key part of his plan — a government-run insurance plan that would increase the number of Americans covered, called the “public option.” Industry groups are spending millions — $35 million in lobbying costs alone[5] — to convince people that they won’t be able to choose their doctor, that government will be making their medical decisions, that they’d be forced to take the government’s plan, and that the plan is part of some socialist plot — all lies. In reality, the insurance industry is trying to protect its enormous profits on the backs of everyday people.

For Black folks, the stakes couldn’t be higher: we are twice as likely as Whites to be uninsured, we have more than double the rate of infant mortality, we face more than twice the rate of diabetes-related deaths than Whites — and the list goes on.[6]

Every single Obama cover story from Nov. 5th

An Incredible collection of every single newspaper that mentions Obama on the front cover on November 5th.


Great Illustration by Patrick Moberg. President #44.

Still not sure who to vote for?

Check out: whoshouldyouvotefor.com. All you do is take a survey and check off how important you think a certain issue is in this campaign. Takes like 5 min.

Interestingly enough, when I did the survey, I got 48% Obama and –45% McCain. Actually that isn’t a surprise at all. I wonder who I would end up voting for if they added some of these Independent parties to the equation. I’ve got a feeling both the Donkeys and the Elephants would lose out to some of these independent campaigns — especially, if you strip out the drama and leave the voting to be decided on the issues/policies alone. Too bad the real system sucks so much.

(Excuse the weird image, I am writing this post from my iPhone.)

Obama x ISO50?

ISO50 x Obama Sneak Peak

Yes you heard right! Scott over at iso50.com (I’m addicted to his blog, and his design taste) is designing a poster for Barack Obama’s campaign. He’s been keeping the actual design under tight wraps since he first mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, But today he’s released some sneak peeks of what the poster looks like in the middle of the printing process. The poster is being printed at Continental Colorcraft in LA which from the pictures looks like a CRAZY production house — No Games, No Gimmicks. I know I’m coping one when it comes out.

Another Dope Obama Tee

Obama tee - Print Liberation

Simple and straight to the point. There’s another here.

Print Liberation seems like a pretty dope co. They’re work screams vintage printing press/by hand process, which I LOVE. They also have tons of really nice typography as well. Check 1, Check 2.

Probama WordPress Theme


Over at Category 4 they’ve designed this really nice WordPress them based on Barack’s site. It’s actually a pro theme so it’s loaded with tons of back-end goodness. Check it out. I love it!


This dude isn’t just killing’em in Iowa, he’s killing’em online. One of the nicest websites I’ve seen in a while. Not sure who designed it but they did one hell of a job. barackobama.com