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Crew Sketches by @darienbirks





Man, @darienbirks out-did himself with these sketches of him, me, Naturel & Travis — had to post these.

Hyperdunk Recovery Center

Another incredible NIKE commercial.

Nike Hyperdunk X Air McFlys (Kinda)

So it looks like Nike has decided to do a mashup of Kobe’s Hyperdunks and the Nike McFly’s from the back to the future movie. This sneaker mashup fad gets really annoying at times, but i have to admit that these are actually pretty of cool. More pics below.

Via (Marquee Sole)

Yup. They Glow In The Dark.

Yup, the Air Yeezy’s glow in the Dark

Via Sneaker Files who also stated that the design was inspired by the Air McFly’s which was talked about here AGES ago.

Nike Air Kanye’s

Air Kanye’s


Nike Air Kanye’s? *UPDATE*


Kanye’s been rocking these joints on tour. Pictured here is the Black Gray and Red colorway. 1 Word — SICK. They also look like they have that glow in the dark coating on them which.

* OG Post * – March 03, 2008

Nike Air Kanye’s?

Yes. You heard right. Kanye is working with Nike on a custom sneaker. Kanye wore them during his performance at the Grammy’s. I think they’re looking pretty dope as prototypes especially considering he is actually designing them himself (I hear he was a visual artist before picking up the pen and the MPC). But I know, everybody from Sneaker heads to grandmas are going to be rocking these.

Real or Fake?

Trying to find these shoes is a pain in the ass. Everything I see is a flat out FAKE! Look at all this crap. There is one in the mix thats real though. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Here’s a few tips on spotting the fake joints.

Nike Air x WTF?

Is NIKE RUNning out of ideas?

Nike x WTF?

I’m really getting tired of all of these Hybrid kicks that seem to drop like every other day. Every sneaker name is something like “Nike Air Max 95 x Air Max 360” or some other odd mash-up. NIKE can’t come up with anything new/better?

Still desperately trying to find these shoes. :(

Nike Air Max 95

I almost had them on eBay Tuesday night, but some wicked eBay eBot stole them from me. They were the authentic joints too. If anyone knows a non-fake, fairly priced, 10.5 wearing sneaker seller, please inform me. These are very much still a must have for me.

Tinker Hatfield Interview

Tinker Hatfield
Complex magazine has an interesting sit down with Tinker Hatfield — The man behind most of the better Jordan sneaker designs and a ton of Air Max’s. Peep,