WordPress Navigation Survey

So it looks like WordPress is going to be switching to a left-handed navigation column for the Navigation in WordPress 2.7. It’s not the end of the world but I’ve always been a fan of the top navigation style. 1.) Because I think it eliminates unnecessary scrolling. 2.) Because normal site navigation is generally handled with a horizontal navigation bar that web newbies are inherently used to. The 2.5 navigation upgrade was clearly a decision to make things easier for people who want to blog, and do it as easily as possible. It made blogging look simple for the average users who just want to write and get their thoughts out. I think this side navigation column is a step backwards that will cause general user confusion. Planly put, it’s starting to look too much like CMS(gross!). We’ll see how it actually looks when the new version drops sometime in November.

Anyways, the Wordpres team has started a new survey to get feedback on 2.7’s potential navigation. Although you can’t fight against the side column navigation you can take a survey on how you would like the items to be laid out.

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