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Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

This plugin will save your life! If your are using, Neutica, Neutica+ or really any theme that uses custom thumbnail image sizes, this plugin will be ESSENTIAL to you. It deletes your old thumbnails, and generates new ones based on your settings. This way you can easily switch to a new theme and upgrade your […]
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Testing out WPTouch

So I decided to give iPhone/iPod touch users an optimized version of my site. I’m using the WPTouch plugin which has been working flawlessly so far. It was pretty easy to modify the default theme and get it to match the full design. It also makes it easier to respond to comments from my phone […]
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Custom Category/Post Template Plugin.

This is probably the single most valuable plugin to date. It basically checks to see if a post in a certain category, and then assigns that post a separate custom template. Genius. And it doesn’t stop there. It also, allows you to assign a custom template to any post ID which means you can make one specific page look completely different than all of the others. Extremely powerful plugin.
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