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Free WordPress Child Theme: Boumatic

Boumatic is a three column WordPress child theme for the Thematic theme framework by Ian Stewart. Child themes are much better explained here but essentially they allow you to create theme layouts and designs without editing the source theme’s template files. Makes things really easy when it’s time to upgrade your theme files. The name, […]
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How to add Youtube video to a WordPress post — The EASY way.

One of my clients recently asked me how they could add a Youtube video to their blog post. I thought that the correct way to do this was common WordPress knowledge, so I figured I could point them to an easy to find Youtube video with instructions on how to do this. I was shocked […]
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Neutica small but MAJOR update realease.

After releasing this theme last week, I noticed that I had never tested the header with a longer header name. Because of this some of the early downloaders might have noticed that their header text did not wrap around correctly. In fact it wrap on top of itself rendering the header unreadable. Not cool. Luckily […]
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Neutica: Free WordPress Theme

So I couldn’t wait for the WordPress Theme Directory guys anymore. I keep receiving a “Doesn’t support gravaters” error from them but I can’t seem to replicate the error anywhere. The gravatars work fine locally, on the live demo, and on my other live WordPress testing site. I’m going to keep at it but it […]
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Copy Paste Character

A GREAT online resource for inserting those little known characters into in web based text editor. Check it out:
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