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The guys over at Suprb have released a basic version of the WordPress theme they use to power Typeneu and Reform & Revolution. Experimental WordPress theming at it’s best. Check it out!
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A really great interview with the creator of WordPress can be found here. seems like a pretty cool guy (He’s only about 25 years old. I didn’t realize that until today.) Here’s my favorite quote: “GPL is quite clear. It is the resistance to it that creates the confusion.” – Unknown WordPress user (Guest […]
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LOVING WordPress 2.7 (but it isn’t perfect)

GOOD. So far, just about everything about it is amazing! I really love the drag and drop features on the dashboard and post pages. You can really consolidate your interface down to the essentials. Quick press is an AMAZING feature. In fact I used it to start this post! I love how you can include […]
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